Opportunities in Tourism

There are more than 2,000 miles of navigable inland waterways in Britain. Life slows to a walking pace when cruising these liquid highways that once thronged with cargo vessels. Relax and enjoy rural views, industrial-era heritage, sunlight reflecting off water and the bird life; or exert yourself with operating locks and swing bridges. This is the sweetest spot to spend British summertime.

Lift bridge, Froncysyllte
trip boat by lift


The UK is the eighth biggest tourism destination in the world.

Domestic Tourism is the biggest component of tourist spending in the UK

According to the Tourism Alliance the value of tourism to the UK economy in 2015 was £127 Billion, employing nearly 3 million people which is 9.5% of the workforce.

Tourism continues to be one of the most dynamic parts of the economy with high rates of growth, especially in employment. 

There are 265000 Tourism businesses in the UK , with 24000 start ups in 2014 alone.

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